Get attribution information

When a user interacts with an Adjust link, their attribution information updates. This can happen if the user interacts with a deep link. Information about a user’s attribution is represented in the AdjustAttribution class.

AdjustAttribution class properties

The AdjustAttribution class contains details about the current attribution status of the device. Any values that aren’t populated for the user are returned as a null value.

Trigger a function when attribution changes

Property declaration
typedef void AttributionCallback(AdjustAttribution attributionData);
AttributionCallback? attributionCallback;

The SDK can listen for attribution changes and call a function when it detects an update. To configure your callback function, assign your function to the attributionCallback property on your config instance.

AdjustConfig adjustConfig = new AdjustConfig(yourAppToken, environment);
config.attributionCallback = (AdjustAttribution attributionChangedData) {
print('[Adjust]: Attribution changed!');
if (attributionChangedData.trackerToken != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Tracker token: ' + attributionChangedData.trackerToken);
if (attributionChangedData.trackerName != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Tracker name: ' + attributionChangedData.trackerName);
if (attributionChangedData.campaign != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Campaign: ' + attributionChangedData.campaign);
if ( != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Network: ' +;
if (attributionChangedData.creative != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Creative: ' + attributionChangedData.creative);
if (attributionChangedData.adgroup != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Adgroup: ' + attributionChangedData.adgroup);
if (attributionChangedData.clickLabel != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Click label: ' + attributionChangedData.clickLabel);
if (attributionChangedData.adid != null) {
print('[Adjust]: Adid: ' + attributionChangedData.adid);

Get current attribution information

Method signature
static Future<AdjustAttribution> getAttribution() async

When a user installs your app, Adjust attributes the install to a campaign. The Adjust SDK gives you access to campaign attribution details for your install. To return this information, call the getAttribution method to return the attribution information as an AdjustAttribution object.

AdjustAttribution attribution = Adjust.getAttribution();